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About Us

We do PSM, and we do PSM software – that’s it.

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We’ve been providing compliance solutions for nearly 30 years.

Our Story

The story of how we became an industry leader.

APSM started in the early 1990s as a consulting firm assisting companies with the OSHA PSM (Process Safety Management) and EPA RMP (Risk Management Program) regulations. Originally we focused on the consulting and service side of PSM such as PHA’s (Preliminary Hazard Analysis), audits, RMP submissions, offsite consequence analyses, and the development of hard copy documentation and training records to facilities across the country.

After a few years of experience, we needed a better way to communicate with our clients, and a better way to oversee the various elements, updates, and dynamic information needed to manage a successful compliance program, so we developed a custom PSM/RMP management software tool to better facilitate communications between ourselves and our clients with the end goal being that of a more complete management system.

These humble beginnings have now grown to the point where APSM software is in use at over 350 companies, over 1,000 plant locations, and over 18,000 individual users, and is used by the global leaders in foodservice, food production, logistics, and many other industries.

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PSM Compliance Software CTA

Experience and expertise.

APSM continues to advance the features of the software suite which helps companies manage the PSM and RMP regulations by sending reminders and notifications to keep operators and managers on top of the required elements of any PSM/RMP program all while fine tuning their abilities and industry experience to perform PHA’s, audits, and technical studies.

APSM has also worked closely on projects with various contractors throughout the country and have developed allies with many of the major organizations in the refrigeration, chemical, and power generation industries. APSM is a proud member of RETA, IIAR and IARW.

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Suiting Your Needs

Providing you with custom-tailored service.


All the elements, All the data. All the time. Active, dynamic, reliable data, available 24/7 from anywhere – in real time.



PSM related services such as training, program development, software implementation, compliance audits, PHAs, and offsite consequence analysis.


Software + Services

Combine the best of both worlds with best in class software plus ongoing compliance support for a complete compliance solution.


Get more done.

See how APSM can overhaul your compliance program. Request a free demo and see it for yourself.